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Escape to Cherry Mountain Farm

Come to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and meet our herd of Angora Goats. At Cherry Mountain Farm you will learn about the history of this beautiful breed and their Mohair fiber.  You can give them treats of peanuts and animal crackers and enjoy their comical antics. Come spend the day or spend the weekend, there is a lot to see and do. 

About Us

Born a city girl, I always dreamed of living on a farm and now my dream has come true!

When I first saw the property in 2007, I immediately fell in love with the hay field. I instantly imagined myself galloping across it on my horse, and I was sold!


I made the final move from Florida in 2013 to make Cherry Mountain Farm my permanent home. Eight months later I started filling the farm with beautiful Angora Goats. Their sweet nature and beautiful fiber, which is mohair, made them the perfect choice for me as I had just learned to spin yarn. 


Growing up in Queens New York City, I had little exposure to any kind of livestock. However on several visits to the Bronx zoo as a child, I was always drawn to the goats. I definitely think I was meant to be "the goat lady" and I want to pass my love for these humorous and amazing animals on to the next generation.


My hope for Cherry Mountain Farm is to create a place where learning about goats is just as fun as playing with goats. I want to educate both children and adults about the breed and the wonderful fiber they produce while also helping to increase the ownership of Angora Goats in the area. 

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Cherry Mountain Farm

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